The Journalists' Month of Giving!

The Journalists have launched our first ever fundraising campaign! We're looking for a couple of dollars from at least 100 people! Just 100 donations of $5 will allow us to continue our exploration in our devising room. Meeting our halfway goal will allow us to fund our rehearsal room through 2019 to develop our inaugural productions as a theatre company. Part of our vision is a theatre of simple means, so our largest cost is getting together in a space to continue to develop our work. This room time is critical: our development process depends on it! Meeting our full fundraising goal will allow us to supercharge our efforts, as well as allow us start giving back to our community. We journalists have big plans (including more workshops, industry happy hours, open mics, and more!) and we need your help to make them, and our productions, a reality!

What YOU Get Out Of It! 

Part of our campaign is engaging with you, our donors and audience, and show you how invigorated we are and fun our process can be! Here are some cool things you can expect over the next month from your small but impactful donation!

  • Any and all donations will receive thanks across the board on our social media! It means so much to us!

  • Weekly we'll be taking a pie to the face. You read that right. Pie. In. Face. Did we mention we're studying clowning? Now we know there's nothing you'd like to see more than a professional goofball get pied in the face.

  • With just a $10 donation you can put in a vote for someone to be PIED. At least four Journalists this month will be getting a nice healthy snack. The Journalists with the most votes that week will be happily thanking you all on camera with a classic cream filled tin of humility.

  • Say you want to skip the line? For $25 you can request to pie ANOTHER Journalist. Just like that. We are taking requests, no vote necessary!

  • For only $5 more, you get all this plus a Journalists T-shirt! We've got enough for the first 20 donations of $30 or more!

  • We know you want to see our work in its full glory, so the first 10 donations of $50 or more will receive a complimentary ticket to a performance of their choice, valid all the way through September 2020!

  • Support us in other ways by finding us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! @journaliststheatre

What We're Up To!

Our showcase performances have presented work on climate change (working title Summit, to begin further development later this year), our human relationships to our modern bodies (a revue style show with the working title Bodies), and our devising room is pioneering work on masculine identity and LGBTQ+ History. We find ourselves on the fault line in a creativity earthquake and we're ready to follow this path! Support us in other ways by finding us on Facebook and Instagram @journaliststheatre